Nusaroma established since 2004, which our business core is essential oils and aromatherapy. Nusaroma was taken from Nusa which means island, and Aroma which means natural fragrance. Those two words connected one to each other becoming Nusaroma, means place that brings natural aroma, which is the specific identity of Nusaroma.

Nowadays, there are many kind of information sources, and this kind of situation makes society nowadays become smarter on how to choose the right one, especially on health and wellness matters. Today, people realize that long term chemical drugs’ consume could cause health problem. So, to overcome that condition, people tend to moving away from chemical drugs into natural alternative medication. One of altenative medication which booming today is using essential oil. Why? Because we only need to smell it or rubbing it to the problem area to get the result, without having it consumed, so it is very safe for our body health.

Nusaroma is one of essential oils brand that provide natural medication’s solution. Nusaroma’s essential oil using natural ingredients originally from Indonesia, where as we know that Indonesia’s nature provides many benefits and goodness for our body health.

We guarantee all of our products are natural without adding chemical ingredients, so it is safe to be used on children, expecting mothers, and even nursery mothers. Using Nusaroma’s essential oils, by distilating, rubbing, of smelling it, will not cause a long term effect to our body. We are not only help to cure many illness, but also help to give body comfort, so life would be such a joyful and serenity.

All of Nusaroma’s products using natural ingredients so they will not produce dangerus wastes for nature. It is our effort and responsibility to be part of protecting mother earth. Belive us, join to be Nusaroma’s EO Lovers, and feel millions of our essential oils benefits and becoming part of protecting mother earth together with us, so then mother earth will always provide us its goodness.

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