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Mother Nature – A Great Resource

02 Nov 2019 - 08:49 by Joana Marques Wallace

The need we feel today to get rid of toxins, chemicals and other elements that are harmful to our health is increasing the use of natural products making people question what is inside of the ones found in a grocery store. These products that most of us unknowingly seep into our bodies day after day and unknowingly are behind many serious health conditions that we only realize later on. 

A very simple example is the daily use of home cleaning or beauty care products we buy at the store. 

By choosing to use them we are allowing each of the toxic ingredients to enter our body through inhalation and through direct contact with our skin. If the air around us is contaminated our body also begins to get intoxicated

How to eliminate toxins around us? 

When using all natural ingredients as your household cleaning products or as your daily beauty care, you are giving the best nature has, strengthening your body from the inside out. An easy way to make this change is making your own products. Using plants, flowers, fruits, herbs, roots and more in Essential Oil form gives you the opportunity to keep the environment around you and others safe without harming your health.

Instead of buying an All-purpose cleaner from the store, you can make your own with just a simple glass spray bottle, water, apple cider vinegar and adding a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil as an anti-bacterial; Basil Essential Oil as an anti-viral; Citronella Essential oil has antiseptic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It can be used to sterilize air and clean furniture; and Grape Fruit Essential oil also an anti- bacterial, anti-microbial.

Another simple but extremely beneficial change for your health is to stop buying the air fresheners you find at the stores, which are full of chemicals and instead you can have Essential Oils being diffused using a diffuser with nothing but water in it and a few drops of any Essential oil. 

Without even understanding it we are bombarding ourselves on a daily basis with toxins on top of toxins on top of toxins and our bodies absorb and inhale everything we have in our homes and outside. In order to take the first step and eliminate all toxins from your home from your body a change needs to happen which requires determination, persistence, new habits and life style.

What are Essential Oils?

An Essential Oil is a concentrated compound from plants, herbs, fruits, roots. They are also called volatile oils because they are easily evaporated at normal temperatures.

Why are they called “Essential”?

An essential oil is "essential" in the sense that it contains the "essence of the plant. By extracting the essential oil all the therapeutic properties of the plant are being captured to balance and protect our body. The word "Essential" can mean something necessary, indispensable. For example, vitamins and minerals are described as "essential" because our bodies do not produce them alone but need them to be healthy.

When we speak of the word "Essential" related to Essential oils it refers to something "incorporating or possessing the essence of something". 

100% Pure Essential Oils - Nusaroma Essential Oils

In order to fully enjoy the many therapeutic benefits of the Essential Oils, it is crucial that each source is respected and the extraction process is done properly so no property is lost. There are different extraction processes and the most known ones are: distillation, often by using steam and/or water; expression, solvent extraction, absolute oil extraction and cold pressing. Once the aromatic chemicals have been extracted, they are combined with a carrier oil to create a product that's ready for use. 

Important Facts when buying Essential Oils

Apart from the fact that each plant, leaf, fruit, root, bark has its extraction method in order to maintain its properties, there are other equally important factors that can determine each essential oil’s quality.

Important Facts When Buying Essential Oils 

  1. Always contain the name in Latin to make sure you buy the right Essential Oil; 

  2. Reference to the state of purity. If it is not 100% pure it should mention if it has been altered or diluted with anything; 

  3. Recognize if it smells as expected;

  4. Contain information about whether it comes from organic or wild plantation, as well as the name of the country of origin, as the quality of the EO varies depending on the country where it is produced. (all this information in detail click here).

Where and how to use Essential Oils?

There are several records of herbal, aromatic, botanical medicines being used for many purposes including religious ceremonies, beauty treatments, health care and many more. Essential oils are often used for aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine.

Inhale directly from the bottle or diffuse using an aroma therapy tool / Aroma Diffuser.

Dilute with Nusaroma Carrier Oil for application to the skin (Topical).

1. Topically

Essential oils have generally a low molecular weight below 300 which according to scientific tests any substance weighing less than 1000m is absorbed through the skin, pass into the bloodstream and spread to different parts of the body. (1) 

2. Aromatically

When inhaled, Essential Oils are absorbed into the bloodstream. By being absorbed into the blood vessels of the lungs, they help circulate throughout the body. Bracelet, necklace, inhaler and diffuser are forms of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy diffusers are used to vaporize oils, releasing small amounts into the air. (2)

Do not diffuse oils around newborns, babies, young children, pregnant or nursing women, or pets unless you are sure they are safe.

Do not add vegetable oils to the diffuser. Clean regularly with soap and warm water to prevent bacteria or moisture build up.  

3. Internally

In order for an essential oil to be used internally it must be mentioned on its label or product description. If it can be used internally should always be in small quantities due to its purity and concentration. They can also be used for cooking in very small quantities.(3)

4. Personal Care

An excellent way to take advantage of the powerful attributes of essential oils is to take care of their natural beauty and to benefit in the long run from healthy skin and body. Essential Oils should not be used directly on skin without being diluted without carrier oil. If you have irritated skin condition Lavender Essential OilRoman Chamomile Essential OilMelaleuca (Tea Tree) Essential Oil can be very beneficial. To help reduce wrinkles Frankincense Serrata has shown great results and to help attenuate acne on your skin blending Tea Tree Essential Oil and Geranium Essential Oil along with a carrier oil can help with this condition. Inhale directly from the bottle or diffuse using an aroma therapy tool / Aroma Diffuser. Dilute with Nusaroma Carrier Oil for application to the skin (Topical). 


In conclusion

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain the "essence" of their source. Essential oils can be inhaled or diluted and applied to the skin when used in a correct and safe way. Essential oils have medicinal effects when absorbed. 

There is an urgent call to start making big changes in your life. Starting by knowing what we put inside our bodies, what we use in our everyday life is the first step to improve our health condition and the ones around us. Just like Amie Valpone wrote in her new book Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body

“you need to detox your home and how to make your home a safe, comfortable place where you can feel good about relaxing and enjoying yourself without the burden of chemicals all around you.”

I would love to answer all your questions and help you to make this big change in your life. Just post your comment below.

Thank you! 

Joana Marques Wallace 



  1. US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, article writen by Wissal Dhifi and Wissem Mnif conceived and designed the paper.
  2. Essential Oil Safety (and Are Essential Oil Diffusers Safe?), written by Jillian Levy, CHHC and published on draxe.com.
  3. Essential Oil Safety (and Are Essential Oil Diffusers Safe?), written by Jillian Levy, CHHC and published on draxe.com.

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