Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile has a sweet, warm aroma, herbal aroma, and a little fruit aroma. Roman Chamomile is processed by the solvent extract method. Roman Chamomile is a common ingredient, for the manufacture of body products, cosmetics, and natural perfumes

Roman Chamomile functions to calm the mind and body, overcome digestive problems, improve skin health, overcome allergies, relieve depression, anxiety, insomnia, and relieve joint pain.

Roman Chamomile is the most commonly used essential oil to overcome sleep difficulties. Sweet and strong aroma of Roman Chamomile, makes children and adults sleep soundly

Blends: Bergamot, German Chamomile, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, LemonPatchouli, Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang Complete

Roman Chamomile oil use :

Sleep well
Pour 1-2 drops of Roman Chamomile oil, with 1 tablespoon of Virgin Coconut oil (VCO), mix, then apply on the temples, stomach, wrist, back of the neck, and under the feet, to make a good night's sleep

Digestive Problem
Pour 2-4 drops of Roman Chamomile oil, with 1 tablespoon of Virgin Coconut oil (VCO), Mix, then apply to the stomach, to overcome digestive problems

Hair Care
To improve and maintain healthy hair, pour 1-2 drops of Roman Chamomile oil into your favorite shampoo, conditioner, mix it, then rub it on your head, while massaging - massage, then rinse with water

Good Night Sleep Tight Diffuser blend
Pour 2 drops of Lavender, 2 Drops of Vetiver, and 2 drops of Roman Chamomile into your Diffuser, to improve the quality of your sleep, at night

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