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German Chamomile Essential Oil

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Product Description

Main Constituents Bisabolol, Farnesol, Azulene, Farnasene, Thujanol
Color Dark olive-green to dark brown
Ingredients German Chamomile oil
Botanical name Matricaria retruita
Plant Part Flowers/Buds
Common name German Chamomile
Origin Bulgaria
Extraction method Solvent Extract
Blend with   Geranium, and other florals
Note Middle
Strenght of aroma Medium
Aromatic scent Sweet, fruity, herbaceous
Caution German Chamomile Oil may cause dermatitis in some individuals
Description The use of chamomile oil can be used as a mixture in facial creams, hair dyes, shampoo, and perfumes and has a calming effect on the skin, mind and body.
German Chamomile Essential Oil
IDR 282.500

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